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Surviving Tuition Travesty

Tuition Travesty

Tuition Travesty

Get educated about financing your college education.

This is a much-needed book for any student, or parent of the college-bound. Written in crystal clear prose, Tuition Travesty explains why colleges throughout the United States are charging far too much money for tuition and fees and provides dozens of tips and tricks for students and parents looking for an affordable education.

Any parent cringes at the expensive of educating their child today. Dr. Robert Ronstadt reveals why tertiary education is so expensive as well as what parents can do to mitigate the costs. Additionally, Dr. Ronstadt offers a number of social policy recommendations. This a must read book for any parent with a child in high school or college / university. Reading The Tuition Travesty will enable: a. the parent to retain some of their hard earned dollars, and b. prevent their children being saddled with the crippling debt of educational loans. Get the facts, save education dollars, and most importantly, do the best by your child. – W. Bradley Zehner

The most important decisions you’ll make with your kids is the kind of education they will peruse and how you and they will pay for it. Surviving The Tuition Travesty showed us how a lot of higher education is really just another form of conspicuous consumption. We are now a lot smarter about sizing up the education we’re buying and how we will be paying for it thanks to Ronstadt’s book. – Henry Chace (Boston, MA)
Colleges and universities have gotten to be like big, honking SUVs: They are way too expensive to buy, waste way too much of your energy, and don’t deliver a great value for the price. We could put up with SUVs when gas cost $2/gallon and higher education cost $10,000/year, but those days are gone. You need to learn how to shop smart and buy smarter when it comes to a college education. This book is a goldmine of information to help you do just that. – Linda E. Harrington
About: Robert Ronstadt earned a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley, a master’s degree from the University of Oregon, and a doctorate from the Harvard Business School.

A lifelong teacher, Dr. Ronstadt has held faculty and administrative positions at Babson College, Pepperdine University, the University of Texas at Austin, and Boston University where he served as Vice President. At the University of Texas, Dr. Ronstadt was Director and Fellow of the IC2 Institute, which focuses on innovative education, technology commercialization, entrepreneurship, and regional development.

During the late 1980s, he ran a software company, returning to the academic world as Pepperdine University’s first Professor of Entrepreneurship. He and his wife Rebecca currently reside in New Hampshire, and have two grown children.

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Surviving The Tuition Travesty: Taking the Financial Sting Out of Paying for a College Education